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Adam Nguyen, DPM

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When chronic heel pain is limiting what you can do physically, you can find nonsurgical solutions at Family Foot & Ankle Care. Experienced podiatrist Adam Nguyen, DPM, offers diagnostic testing services on site at the office in Lubbock, Texas. Dr. Nguyen focuses on conservative therapies like orthotics and medications to relieve heel pain that results from plantar fasciitis, fractures, and other painful conditions. To schedule a consultation for heel pain, call Family Foot & Ankle Care today.

Heel Pain Q&A

What causes heel pain?

Acute heel pain might be the result of an injury to your heel during physical activity or other direct trauma.

When you have chronic heel pain, it’s often due to plantar fasciitis. This heel pain results when there’s inflammation in the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue that extends between your heel and your toes. Bone spurs, flat feet, and high foot arches can all contribute to tissue irritation.

Other causes of heel pain that Dr. Nguyen treats include:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Nerve compression

To prevent a worsening of your pain and other complications, Dr. Nguyen recommends scheduling a diagnostic evaluation at Family Foot & Ankle Care at the first sign of heel pain.

How is heel pain diagnosed?

Identifying the underlying cause of your heel pain typically involves a physical exam of your foot and a review of your medical history and usual activities.

Dr. Nguyen might also request diagnostic imaging tests, like X-rays or an ultrasound, to get a closer look at the structures surrounding your heel.

Once he understands the source of your heel pain, Dr. Nguyen customizes a treatment plan that focuses on conservative therapies to relieve pain and prevent the need for surgery.

How is heel pain treated?

There are several conservative therapies available at Family Foot & Ankle Care to relieve persistent heel pain. Depending on the nature of your condition, Dr. Nguyen may recommend medications, orthotics, or stretching exercises.


Many heel conditions benefit from pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications. Dr. Nguyen can prescribe oral medications or deliver them directly into your heel by injection.


Orthotic devices like shoe inserts can take the pressure off your heel when you’re physically active. Orthotics can also keep your foot properly aligned to reduce the stress on your heel.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are a beneficial form of therapy for treating heel pain that develops because of plantar fasciitis. Gently stretching your ankles and legs can lengthen your plantar fascia and keep it flexible.

If these treatments aren’t enough to resolve your heel pain or if you have a fracture or other type of damage in your heel, you might need surgery. Dr. Nguyen can discuss your options for surgery during your consultation.

To find out more about the treatment options for heel pain, call Family Foot & Ankle Care or book an appointment online today.